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2011 Pilot Project Grant

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Nov 2011

Regulation of Parkin function by deubiquitination

Dr. Edward Fon | McGill University

$45,000 (1 year) Porridge for Parkinson’s Pilot Project Grant

The research from this grant led to the identification of specific proteins and genes as central players in the regulation of quality control of neurons specific to PD. This work led to future studies focused on these protein and gene targets that have the potential to be exploited in designing new PD neuroprotective therapies.

Dr. Fon and his team translated the findings from this project into a collaboration with Iprogen, a Vancouver based company that researches protein-based therapeutics. They also successfully obtained funding from the Michael J Fox foundation for a rapid response program in the amount of $75,000.

Dr. Fon is is a neurologist and scientist who serves as the Scientific Director of the Montreal Neurological Institute, a National Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence, and is an associate professor at McGill University. He is also Past Chair, Parkinson Canada’s Scientific Advisory