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2009 Pilot Project Grant

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Nov 2009

Characterization and validation of pharmacologically-driven signaling pathways to lower alpha-synuclein:
Implications for Parkinson

Dr. Michael Schlossmacher | University of Ottawa

$45,000 Porridge for Parkinson’s Pilot Project Grant

This pilot project grant supported the screening of 45 approved drugs (already on the market for other purposes) for their ability to reduce aSyn in brain cells that are most susceptible to PD. A number of compounds were short-listed for further validation in vivo. The grant also enabled the purchase of an a-Syn mouse model to be used in future PD-related studies.

Dr. Schlossmacher’s research continues to identify and test already approved drugs that can be repurposed for Parkinson’s disease. The Schlossmacher Lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute unites a group of trainees, research staff and collaborators from diverse scientific interests and backgrounds – including neuroscience, biochemistry, immunology, virology, animal studies and pathology. The Lab’s approach combines different approaches to studying and modelling Parkinson disease variants and related dementias.

Dr. Schlossmacher is Senior Scientist, Neuroscience Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute; Neurologist, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital; Associate Professor of Medicine (Neurology), and Director of the MD/PhD Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa.