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Announcing: Beverages!

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Something for tea lovers, coffee cravers, and kombucha fans.

Quench your thirst with the best from the best.

The Honest Leaf

Tea lovers are in the house! The Honest Leaf is a line of loose-leaf wellness teas created by registered nutritionist Shelby Kroach. Her goal is to provide authentic blends that help to nourish and support a healthy mind and body. Each blend is carefully formulated with the finest natural and organic herbs, spices and tea leaves. And it’s delicious.

Crank Coffee Co.

How do you brew? Crank Coffee Co. was created by Ontarians Peter and Chris Neal with a mission to bring a superior bean product to the market—one that has been carefully curated and roasted by coffee lovers and experts. Similar to other Neal Brothers products, Crank Coffee Co. is both certified Organic and Fair Trade. Visit their well-stocked coffee trailer this Sunday.

Greenhouse Juice

Something cool and bubblyGreenhouse Juice is offering a tasty sampling of their famous Ginger Tumeric Kombucha. The company was launched by co-founders Emma Knight, Anthony Green, and Hana James from a tiny former coach house in Toronto’s Summerhill neighbourhood. “Cold-pressed juice” was all but unheard of in the city at the time. Nine years and a lot of innovation later, Greenhouse sells six categories of organic, plant-based beverages across Canada.

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Crank coffee truck, bottle of Greenhouse kombucha, and teas by the Honest Leaf

The Crank Coffee Co. truck delivers on coffee and bubbly kombucha and organic and all-natural teas make brunch special.