See you on November 12, 2023, at Toronto’s iconic Brick Works.

Chef Spotlight: Anthony Rose

Jeanne Beker
I was wide awake during my brain surgery for Parkinson's. Here's how it changed my life. Harry Forestell

Chef Anthony Rose. Photo: via Streets of Toronto.

Rave reviews in the culinary community

Porridge for Parkinson’s is excited to welcome Chef Anthony Rose to this year’s event. Before he became a star on Toronto’s restaurant scene, Anthony honed his skills in some of the top kitchens in San Francisco and New York, where he developed his lasting appreciation for truly local dining.

After returning home to Toronto, he was the executive chef at The Drake Hotel for more than six years before opening his first restaurant on Dupont, the iconic Rose & Sons, which garnered rave reviews in the culinary community. Together with business partner Robert Wilder, he owns Wilder & Rose Restaurants and Catering, which now includes their three popular hot spots: Fat Pasha, Fet Zun, and Schmaltz Appetizing.

In 2018, Anthony teamed up with renowned food and travel writer Chris Johns to write The Last Schmaltz: A Very Serious Cookbook. The restaurants and book, along with his popular newsletter, weave the story of Anthony’s culture, experiences, childhood nostalgia, and relentless love of food.

Follow Anthony on Instagram @ChefAnthonyRose

Moved to San Fransico, started cooking, never looked back.