See you on November 12, 2023, at Toronto’s iconic Brick Works.

Chef Spotlight: Paula Navarette

Jeanne Beker
I was wide awake during my brain surgery for Parkinson's. Here's how it changed my life. Harry Forestell

Above: Paula Navarette, as told to Jacob Rutka, Toronto Life.

A passionate culinary creator

Porridge for Parkinson’s brunch is prepared by celebrity chefs from around the GTA. This year, we are thrilled to welcome Paula Navarrete, who will be joining us at the Brick Works on November 12.

Paula is a chef, food aficionado, and chocolatier. She is well-known in Toronto as a former executive chef at Kojin Momofuko and Daisho Momfuko. In 2019, she and her husband moved to San Francisco, where she began working as a chocolatier. Originally from Colombia, Paula grew up in Toronto and has a lasting emotional tie to the city and its multicultural diversity.

We are excited to see what Paula will be preparing for our brunch and delighted that she is taking the time from a busy schedule to be with us in Toronto this fall.

“I’m still looking for my Soma and my Blackbird in San Francisco”
—As told to Jacob Rutka, Toronto Life

Follow Paula on Instagram paula.navarretemejia

Chef Paula Navarette on mom’s rice and beans