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Chef Spotlight: Yoni Kamil

Jeanne Beker

Lev means “heart” in Hebrew

Throughout the pandemic, new bakeries have popped up across Toronto and bread has become our number one choice for steamy, comfort carbs. Chef Yoni Kamil, the owner of Lev Bakery, has been deliciously satisfying our cravings with his decadent babka and a modern take on traditional challah.

Babka, which comes from Eastern Europe, is a yeasted cake traditionally filled with chocolate or cinnamon. It’s usually rolled into a log, cut in half and then braided together to make a signature babka loaf. Lev Bakery has upped the ante to another level of richness and refinement with three different flavours—chocolate, chocolate tahini and cinnamon. Kamil’s classic chocolate babka is made with dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate chunks and orange zest—did we have you at ganache?

Porridge for Parkinson’s own Joanne Yolles, one of Canada’s top pastry chefs and an esteemed instructor, is responsible for bringing Yoni Kamil and his gooey gluten to our attention. Kamil was Joanne’s student at George Brown College and she has been a big supporter since he has gone out on his own, producing babkas, challahs, potato buns, poppy seed rolls and four different kinds of organic sourdough.

Lev means “heart” in Hebrew, and it’s that special ingredient that speaks to Yoni Kamil’s passion for organic grains, natural fermentation and seasonal ingredients.

Lev Bakery will be participating in Porridge for Parkinson’s unique at-home brunch event in November. You can also purchase their products at stores that specialize in selling fine foods: Primrose Bakery, Parallel on Geary, Sanagan’s Meat Locker, Vince Gasparro on Bloor, and Russell’s Butcher on Roncesvalles.

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Yoni Kamil with his rectangle challah; Lev Bakery’s chocolate tahini halva babka