See you on November 12, 2023, at Toronto’s iconic Brick Works.

Cookin with Goud & Polotan

Jeanne Beker
Akshitha is preparing Punugulu, crispy South India fritters served with tomato chutney, and Maria is preparing Filipino Congee.

Above: Harry Forestell and quote from CBC First Person article, February 20, 2023.

Akshitha Goud, Tastes of Telangana and Maria Polotan, Mama Linda’s

Cookin is a Toronto-based online platform where certified home cooks and culinary professionals offer homemade food to those hungry for authentic international cuisine. Co-founders Morley Ivers and Michael Baruch want to connect and unite food creators with food enthusiasts in a marketplace where they can share their stories and craft. They also believe in giving back at a local level. For every meal sold, they will feed someone less fortunate in a nearby neighborhood.

We are delighted to introduce two of Cookin’s popular home chefs who will be serving up their own delicious fare at our brunch on November 12.

“My love for experimenting with spices and ingredients knows no bounds. To me, food is the ultimate way to bring people together and create memories that linger. I’m absolutely stoked to share the rich and diverse flavours of Telangana with you. Brace yourself for a delightful culinary adventure where tradition meets innovation, and we celebrate the magic of coming together through the irresistible allure of food!”
— Akshitha Goud, Tastes of Telangana

“Growing up in a family where food held a central place in life’s celebrations, I aspired to have my dishes at the heart of people’s significant moments. This led me to launch Mama Linda’s, so I could bring traditional Filipino dishes right to your table.”
— Maria Polotan, Mama Linda’s

For Porridge for Parkinson’s, Akshitha is preparing Punugulu, crispy South India fritters served with tomato chutney, and Maria is preparing Filipino Congee. The Toronto Star’s Suresh Doss has called Maria Polotan’s kitchen “the place to order Filipino home cooking in Toronto.”

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