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Chocolatier Extraordinaire: Kata Ambrus

Oct 2022

Owner of Chocolat de Kat

Kata Ambrus, owner of Chocolat de Kat

Kata Ambrus is the owner of Chocolat de Kat, the fabulous chocolate store whose brown sugar oatmeal bonbons were a big hit in the 2021 brunch package and returns for P4P 2022.

After years of working in the pastry world and lots of personal experience eating chocolate, Kata decided to challenge herself by making her own exquisite bonbons. In 2020, she opened Chocolat de Kat in the St. Clair West neighbourhood.

Kata has found immense satisfaction in the limitless possibilities the chocolate medium has to offer, and it’s this passion, along with her Hungarian culture and personal travel, that has inspired her flavours and designs. Each bonbon is like a tiny piece of edible art that takes three days to perfect.

With the exponential growth of her business, Kata is grateful to have a team of four very talented chocolatiers and a sous chef to help run the day-to-day workings of the kitchen.

Chocolat de Kat is located at 824 St. Clair West and shares its space with De Mello coffee.

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Kata Ambrus

Favourite smell — Toast

Smooth or crunchy — Crunchy

Three things on a desert island — Matzah ball soup, Hungarian crêpe filled with poppy seeds, Italian pasta with arrabiata sauce

Favourite spice — Cinnamon

Sweet or savoury — Sweet

Favourite ingredient — Nuts

Favourite kitchen tool — Silicon spatula

Favourite flavour — Citrus

Favourite chocolate — Milk chocolate

Favourite chef — Ina Garten

Favourite cookbook — Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Favourite cooking show — Barefoot Contessa

Chocolate de kat chocolates
Chocolat de Kat

Above: Kat’s remarkable bonbons. Courtesy Chocolat de Kat.