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Spotlight: The Food Dudes

Jeanne Beker
I was wide awake during my brain surgery for Parkinson's. Here's how it changed my life. Harry Forestell

Above: Harry Forestell and quote from CBC First Person article, February 20, 2023.

Welcome The Food Dudes

Chef Adrian Niman launched The Food Dudes from the kitchen of his Toronto condo in 2007 and attracted an instant following. He understood his clients’ desire for fresh and local ingredients, sophisticated original fare, and memorable culinary experiences. In 2011, Adrian partnered with Lindsay Klein, and the pair has since grown The Food Dudes into a hugely successful restaurant and catering company. They were also among the pioneers of Toronto’s food trucks.

The Food Dudes is recognized for its dedication to authentic products and its meticulous focus on details. From catered affairs of all styles and sizes, to food trucks, fundraisers, and signature food-driven experiences, the company has developed an influential presence in the culinary community. Their restaurants include Rasa in the Annex, Sara in New King West, Clay at the Gardiner Museum, and Pantry, a fresh fast-food shop with four locations, including Rosedale.

We are thrilled to have The Food Dudes joining Porridge for Parkinson 2023.

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Pantry in Rosedale and Adrian Niman, Executive Chef of The Food Dudes. Images: The Food Dudes.