See you on November 12, 2023, at Toronto’s iconic Brick Works.

Welcome back, Kata

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Kata Ambrus is the founder of Chocolat de Kat.

Every bite more delicious than it looks.

Kata Ambrus is the talented pastry chef behind Chocolat de Kat, an artisanal chocolatier in Toronto, who has created a brand of exquisite bonbons. Kata’s popular contributions to our brunch delivery events during the pandemic were much appreciated, and we are excited to see her in person on November 12 at the Brick Works.

After graduating from the Classic French Pastry Arts program at the International Culinary Centre in NYC, Kata was employed in various facets of the pastry world. While working as the pastry chef for De Mello Coffee on St Clair West, she began her own passion project with chocolate, and today, Chocolat de Kat shares a charming storefront space with De Mello.

With her husband and business partner, Rob Mackenzie, Kata has grown Chocolat de Kat to include a dedicated team of chocolatiers—and a large following. She says her goal is to make every bite even more delicious than it looks.

I found immense satisfaction in the seemingly limitless possibilities that the medium had to offer. Doing it on my own terms and finding my own style have motivated me to keep learning.

Kata Ambrus