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Welcome back, Lev Bakery

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Yoni Kamil’s love of baking comes from his family’s Ottawa bakery, which ran for almost 90 years.

Yoni and his wife, Samantha, started Lev Bakery from the oven in their family home.

“Lev” means “heart” in Hebrew, and it’s an ingredient that was part of Yoni Kamil’s story long before Lev Bakery came to fruition. In fact, it traces back more than 100 years to five generations of bakers in his family.

Yoni developed his love of baking at his family’s bakery in Ottawa, an institution that ran for almost 90 years. After moving to Toronto and working at notable bakeries like Brick Street Bakery in Leslieville and Blackbird Baking Co. in Kensington, he set out to create new takes on the classic Jewish recipes he grew up with. These modern offerings incorporate his passion for organic grains, natural fermentation and seasonal ingredients.

In October 2020, mid-pandemic, Yoni and his wife, Samantha, started Lev Bakery from the oven in their family home. The business launched with an Instagram post, selling a few challahs that featured his modern take on tradition. They sold out within minutes. By spring, Yoni began renting a production bakery in Etobicoke where he could bake at a higher volume and expand the Lev Bakery menu. They began selling to over a dozen small businesses and popular farmer’s markets in the city.

For our 2023 brunch on November 12, Yoni Kamil will be serving up his delicious fried babkas with whipped cream and fruit. We can’t wait!

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Yoni Kamil and Samantha April at one of Lev Bakery’s popular farmer’s market booths.